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Our PersonalSites Web Sites

Welcome in the section dedicated to our PersonalSites services!

PersonalSite is a registered trademark from ORACOMM, with which we distribute a services that allow you to obtain a complete website, quickly, easly and cheaply.

PersonalSite means to have dynamic website, upgradable on-line directly by you, through appropriate web interfaces. You will not have to never attend that we execute modifications on your site, because you can do them, when you want and from wherever you are.

Moreover, you will not have no cost to modernize your website, and this will allow to maintain your site 'alive', in full autonomy!

Currently ORACOMM has realized for you two types of services, PersonalSite 1.0 and PersonalSite 2.0, everyone with characteristics very distinguished, studies to you in order to adapt itself in the better possible way to your requirements.

PersonalSite 1.0 is a very simple and extremely cheap website, studied for who has a first approach to the web, or to who already has invested in the web with insufficient results, and wants to improve its own position with minimal economic engagements.

PersonalSite 2.0 is a web application much more complex and complete than PersonalSite 1.0, it offers the possibility to obtain a winning website, extremely innovative and informative, it is a point of contact between you, your customers and all your visitors.

Visit now the pages dedicated to the two services in order to examine technical informations about theme and discover what they can do for your business.