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Advantages using Linux

Linux is one of the alternative operative systems to Windows. Using it in your company will bring lots of advantages that we will describe, only partially, below, between which, save money and productivity increments. For all of this, ORACOMM will use all its expirience earned during the years, to let you use this powerful product.

Why using Linux:

  • Do you have PCs in your company but you do not have the relative Windows licences?
    ATTENTION! Using Windows without relative licence, will make you to incur in heavy endorsements! Linux instead, does not have license fees;
  • Do you have some PCs with obsolete Windows versions and you do not want to spend thousend of euro in order to buy upgraded windows version for each PC you have?
    Linux is free, will be able to pass to an updated operating system for FREE! Moreover you will be able to upgrade all your PCs with the new versions of Linux on the future also for FREE!
  • Would you like to have a secure system against viruses?
    Linux has been initially developed for Server so it has been realized having the security like one of the greater prerogatives. With Linux therefore, you have the possibility to benefit of all the technology in terms of protection against virus, hacker attacks, developed during the time by professionist. In fact, statistical studies confirm that Linux is the most used operating system in the world for server use;
  • Are you tired of Windows errors and crashes?
    Linux is a extremely stable system, because of its same nature, it will involve a continuative job in your company and it will limit the participations of technicians for solve problems, in this way you will save assistance costs and you will have an always-on informative system, you will avoid that members of yours staff stop working and wait that a technician comes to solve the nth Windows problem.
  • Do you have some PCs not connected to the web only because you are scared about losing your datas because of the newest virus or because of a hacker attack?
    With Linux, the risk of not authorized accesses and virus infection will drastically decrease;
  • Did you hear that Linux is hard to use?
    Linux has been initially developed for server purpose, so it was not user friedly for Desktop users long time ago. But now, after years and years of developement to let it become easy to use for everyone, Linux is very often more easy to use than Windows in lots of aspects. Surfing the net, using email, word processor work, computer graphics, multimedia and more, are all easy things to do on Linux systems now!

These are only some advantages you can have using Linux in your company. If you would like to have further information on what you can obtain with Linux, please contact us by clicking on the button below.